Friday, August 12, 2022

Vista Bay Point Condos for Sale

A typical condo unit for sale in this development would measure around 3,000 square feet to 3,500 square feet. The asking prices for these residences start at $1 million and can climb to $5 million.


Condos for Sale at Tessara

The asking prices of the condos within this development start at around $1 million and can peak at $3 million. The most flamboyant residences are the penthouse units.


Sunset Towers Condos for Sale

Prospective buyers may find units here on the high-end which measure 1,336 square feet and have two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plans for just around $650,000.


Savoy on Palm Condos for Sale

Savoy on Palm condos for sale which measure 3,600 square feet can have price tags which hover at around $1.95 million. This figure can go all the way to $2.6 million for a condo with 4,400 square feet.


Sarasota Bay Club Condos for Sale

Sarasota Bay Club condos with 1,161 square feet have one bedroom and two bathrooms have an asking price of around $350,000. A two-bedroom unit with 2,186 square feet are priced around $950,000.


Sarabande Condos for Sale

A 1,774 square feet, two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan will be priced around $900,000. 3,300 square feet units come with three-bedrooms and two-bathrooms have a price tags around $2.2 million.


Royal St. Andrew Condos for Sale

Units in this development have floor area which measure anywhere from 705 to 2,731 square feet. These Royal St. Andrew condos for sale may be priced anywhere from $400,000 to $600,000.


Rivo at Ringling Condos for Sale

The basic Rivo at Ringling condos for sale measure around 1,440 square feet while the more spacious units can measure up to 3,500 square feet and range in price from $300,000 to $1.2 million.


Condos for Sale at the Sarasota Ritz Carlton

Ritz-Carlton condos for sale are located in two buildings. There are eighty units at the Ritz-Carlton Towers while the remaining fifty are located within the upper floors of the Ritz Carlton Sarasota Hotel.


Renaissance Condos for Sale

Renaissance is built in an eleven-acre property, and is composed of units in various floor plans and floor sizes. Interested buyers can choose from one-bedroom units to spacious three-bedroom residences.


Plaza at Five Points Condos for Sale

One of the newer Sarasota condos for sale, Plaza at Five Points was built back in 2005. This Sarasota real estate development is composed of fifty-two residences which include four grand penthouse residences.


Phoenix on Golden Gate Point

Phoenix condos for sale measure around 3,800 square feet and come in three-bedroom configurations, a balcony and a covered two-car garage and asking prices of about $1.2 million.


Marquee En Ville Condos for Sale

Typical Marquee En Ville condos for sale measure anywhere from 2,300-2,500 square feet with most units have either two or three bedrooms and have asking prices which start at around $340,000 to $360,000.


Marina Tower Condos for Sale

The smaller units at Marina Tower measure around 1,800 square feet and the prices of these residences start at around $800,000. More spacious units with about 5,800 square feet can reach $3 million.


Majestic Bay Condos for Sale

Majestic Bay condos have floor plans that measure from 2,700 to 3,000 square feet. A two-bedroom unit at Majestic Bay can have an asking price of $1.5 million while a three-bedroom unit at $1.7 million.


Le Chateau Condos for Sale

Le Chateau condos range from 800 to 1,500 square feet. Units which measures 895 square feet may have an asking price of $295,000. a three-bedroom 1,500 square foot unit may cost $545,000.


La Bellasara Condos for Sale

Asking prices of La Bellasara condos for sale start at around $2.08 million for a unit which measures 3,100 square feet and has three bedrooms, and three bathrooms.


Kanaya Condos for Sale

Asking prices for the best Kanaya condos for sale range at around $800,000 for a unit which measures 2,600 square feet to $2 million for a larger residence with the best views.


Hudson Crossing Condos for Sale

A unit which measures 2,550 square feet, and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms should cost around $1.65 million. For the penthouses, prices of these units can go all the way to $2.5 million.


Harbor House South Condos for Sale

This mid-rise complex was built in 1965 and is composed of fourteen units. Because of the limited number of units in this development, listings of Harbor House South condos can be far and few in between.


Gulfstream Towers Condos for Sale

Gulfstream Towers condos for sale are designed to fit the unique lifestyles of interested buyers. Units in this development have floor sizes which measure anywhere from 530 to 1,508 square feet.


Grande Riviera Condos for Sale

For those who want nothing but the best, Grande Riviera at 420 Golden Gate Point is the perfect place. This outstanding development stands out from even the other posh developments within the city.


Essex House Condos for Sale

Essex House is composed of 76 residences and was built back in the mid-70s. Although this condominium development is one of the older ones in the city, many units have undergone recent renovation.


Condo on the Bay Condos for Sale

Condo on the Bay buyers can expect to spend from $350,000 to $500,000. Condo units with 1,729 square feet with a two-bedroom and two-bathroom configuration can go as much as $650,000.


Cityscape Condos for Sale

Cityscape condos have floor spaces which measure anywhere from 1,270 to 2,460 square feet. For such spacious residences, prices start at the high $200s and can go to the low $400s.


Central Park Condos for Sale

Central Park is situated at 835 South Osprey Avenue just on the edge of the downtown area. The development is close to the Hudson Bayou waterway which is connected to the beautiful Sarasota Bay.


Broadway Promenade Condos for Sale

This condominium development was built just in 2007. There are a total of 187 units in the development. Broadway Promenade condos for sale come in one-, two- and three-bedroom configurations.


Bays Bluff Condos for Sale

The great thing about Bays Bluff is its strategic location. This condominium development has one of the best bay views and, at the same time, is close to the city’s downtown district.


1350 Main Condos for Sale

One of the residential developments which are ideal for individuals who are looking for winter homes is 1350 Main. The complex is situated on 1350 Main Street right in the heart of the city.


100 Central Condos for Sale

Built in 2005, 100 Central condos for sale are all competitively priced making it appealing to average buyers. There are a total of 95 units in this multi-story condominium.