Friday, August 12, 2022

Meet Socha Taylor

Socha Taylor

Socha is the licensed Administrative Assistant to Christina Miller and a licensed Independent Realtor. She is mentored by Christina Miller, Broker/Owner of Sarasota Bay Real Estate, who ranked in the top 2% of sales value among Sarasota real estate agents in 2013 and 2014. Socha has extensive knowledge and the company’s backing of quality assurance to help you find a place you will want to call home, while providing the commitment of getting the job done right!

A little about Socha. As a young girl, a trip to the French Riviera inspired her to pursue the French language in her early educational years. Throughout her college years, residing in the mid-west, she longed for the culture and beauty of such a place.

As she also longed for warmth and light, she found a career with an American-based soybean candle company. In her 12 years with this company, one of Socha’s favorite jobs was scouting historic districts to help select beautiful storefronts.

Upon her first visit to Sarasota, it all came together. She was home as she found the culture, beauty, warmth and light she had been seeking out. She knew that her niche was to help people find their happy place too. That is the story of how Socha is where she is today, a licensed Independent Realtor and licensed Administrative Assistant to the Broker/Owner of Sarasota Bay Real Estate. Socha is here to help you make this lifestyle become a reality for you!